Peace and Social Justice

Catholic Social Justice teaches us that all people are made in the image of God and so possess an equal and inalienable worth.   Because of this essential dignity, each person has a right to all that is needed to allow him or her to live their full potential as intended by God.

The mission of the Peace and Social Justice Committee is to acquaint Parishioners and the larger Community of Gary on the Social Teachings of the Catholic Faith (e.g. poverty, racism, the environment, immigration, homelessness, human trafficking) and other social justice concerns.


We develop educational programs with other faith communities to excite personal and community concern about social issues.   On a quarterly basis, we develop content for educational inserts in our Sunday bulletin.  And, we plan bi-annual programs on issues related to social teaching.


We have monthly planning meetings.   When developing our bi-annual programs, we meet every two weeks and try to limit all of our meetings to 1 hour.

Please contact Margaret Scissom 219-938-1373