St. Mary of the Lake welcomes you with open arms.  If you who love to sing and can make regular commitment to weekly practices and performance dates, we encourage you to join.  We also gather at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings to warm up prior to the 9:30 a.m. Mass.  Our Choir sings at 10:00 am Sunday Mass throughout the year and on major feast days.   Choir members are encouraged to attend and participate at funeral Masses.   For more information, please contact Jack Denges at 


Music is an important part of the Catholic funeral rite.   Music has the power to strengthen the Faith and hope of those present and can express feelings that words alone cannot.  The hymns chosen should express the mystery of our salvation in Christ, namely the saving power of the Lord’s suffering, death, and resurrection.  Secular songs (popular /non religious songs), even though they may have been meaningful to the deceased or to the family, do not capture Gospel message of hope nor the sacred quality of the Catholic funeral rite.  Secular songs are not appropriate for funeral services in the church.  Our music director can assist you in creating music for your loved one – please contact Jack Denges at


Couples need to make an appointment with our parish Music Director at least three (3) months before your wedding date to plan the music for your wedding.  He will work with you to provide liturgically appropriate and joyful music for your ceremony.  Music is a vital part of any liturgical celebration, especially the rite of marriage.  It is important to realize that not all musical styles, pieces, and voices are appropriate for a sacred celebration.  Our Music Director will assist you in making musical selections which will enhance and personalize your wedding ceremony while not distracting from the meaning and holiness of the rite.  Our Music Director will consider all musical requests and make the final determination as to whether a given piece is appropriate for a sacred ceremony – please contact Jack Denges at

Rules and Guidelines:

No outside musicians are allowed without the previous authorization of our Music Director.  In addition, no musicians may play the organ at St. Mary of the Lake as the playing of the organ is restricted to the Music Director and his designees.

Stipends and fee rates for all musicians are available by contacting the Church office.    (219-938-1373)  All fees should be paid prior to the ceremony.