Hospitality is unlike any other ministry as it is the first impression most visitors will have of SML and it is held inside the church during and after Mass.  It is crucial that our volunteers have a sincere desire to make everyone feel welcome, needed, and important.   We are the first people most visitors will encounter before Mass and the impression we want to leave them with must be a positive one.  We strive to make the environment a welcoming and friendly one.   Our objective is to build the parish through this ministry.

This ministry is amazing and the spirit of the volunteers exhibit is a genuine desire to serve one another and Christ.  We welcome and encourage everyone to get involved in this ministry and get to know SML.


  1. Set up and prepare the vestibule of the church
  2. Stay after Mass to clean and reset the vestibule
  3. Outreach to parishioners to donate food to offset the cost of supplies
  4. Encourage Parishioners to contribute to the success of Hospitality Sunday

Hours of Commitment:  2.5 hours per month

Please contact St. Mary of the Lake office at 219-938-1373