Serving on this committee is one of the most caring and helpful services we can give to families during their time of grief.  By preparing and serving the post-funeral meal, we provide care and support at a difficult time for members of our parish and their families, relatives, and friends.

The main function of the Funeral Committee is to prepare and serve the post-funeral meal for the family.   It takes place at Lessard Hall, generally early in the afternoon.

Because of the short notice involved in our ministry, many volunteers are welcome and encouraged to assist in providing hospitality and comfort to the families and friends of the recently deceased.

This ministry is open to all parishioners and all are encouraged to assist in one the activities outlined below.   P

Please contact Adina Wiseman @ 219-938-1373

Activities of members of the Funeral Committee:

  1. Call volunteers when given notice of funeral meal
  2. Set up and decorate tables for the meal (can be done the night before)
  3. Be available at Lessard Hall for the drop off of food for the meal
  4. Prepare dishes for the post-funeral meal
  5. Encourage others to prepare dishes for the post-funeral meal
  6. Set up buffet tables and start coffee
  7. Serve as greeters to the guests
  8. Clean up as needed following the meal.

Hours of Commitment:    1 to 4 hours per event